ROTI – Indian Street Food Kitchen

ROTI – Indian Street Food Kitchen. A new concept in urban street food situated on North Road in Cardiff. We were involved in all aspects of this project – branding and logo design, menus, display and signage, press advertising and leaflets. To give the work an urban feel we produced a reportage style illustration for the menus and used urban textures and authentic vivid colours throughout.


John Burn – Exhibition Display

John Burn – unique in that not only does it have one of the most comprehensive stocks of Epoxies and Polyurethane Resins, tooling and modelling boards but it also stocks a wide range of consumables and ancillaries to complement these products. Design – a pop up display system along with roll ups and various items for the stand at TCT Live, including live size office window with panoramic view of London to highlight the suitability of the latest 3D printing technology for small office use. Commissioning – macro photography. Art Direction.